Tanaza's Wi-Fi Solution Selected by the Lisbon School of Design in Portugal

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LSD Lisbon School of Design through Tanaza's partner, Nauinfor, chooses Tanaza's networking solutions to provide LSD students with seamless and reliable Internet connections.

​​​Tanaza, the multi-vendor software for Wi-Fi cloud management, and its authorized partner Nauinfor, IT managed solution provider, deployed a fast, reliable and secure Wi-Fi network at the Lisbon School of Design.

LSD Lisbon School of Design sought a stable and secure solution to get their students online while reducing upfront infrastructural costs and avoiding bottlenecks. Nauinfor selected Tanaza for LSD because Tanaza's network enables secure authentication and allows remote monitoring and troubleshooting to facilitate system operation and overview. Furthermore, installing new Access Points and upgrading the network requires no hardware controllers and no additional effort.

Thanks to Tanaza, LSD’s IT team now has simple and efficient tools to control its Wi-Fi network and to support the use of personal and mobile devices while having 60 people connected at once, without experiencing disconnections. This is an essential tool for the Lisbon School of Design, as their network handles the demand of multiple simultaneous users: about 80 iMac desktop computers for students, 30 for teachers and an additional high number of personal devices.

The solution provided by Nauinfor used 3 Tanaza Powered Ubiquiti UniFi Access Points, broadcasting 5 SSIDs. The main SSIDs is a free network for students and visitors. All personal devices are welcomed by an authentication splash page in both English and Portuguese that include features such as social login (with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, LinkedIn, WindowsLive, Google+) as well as email registration. The access points also broadcast two bridged SSIDs requiring a WPA2 password for staff and teachers to access the Internet and two private SSIDs, used by the IT Staff for network and infrastructure management.

Thanks to the implementation of this new network, the Lisbon School of Design can continue to effortlessly adopt innovative, creative and challenging teaching techniques. As the first professional school in Lisbon to include both theory and practice in their courses, most of which offer a digitally enhanced curriculum, LSD’s new Wi-Fi network will help prompt the experience of a real working environment.

The network was deployed in February 2015 and it is currently hosting more than 1000 users and over 7300 connections. The most popular authentication methods are Email Login and Facebook login, used by 40% and 17% of the users respectively.  As a result, the social visibility of the LSD brand boosted through the 500 posts posted on Facebook through the LSD Wi-Fi network.

About Nauinfor

Nauinfor, a Tanaza Authorized Partner, is an IT managed solution provider with proven experience deploying Wi-Fi in Portugal.

About Tanaza

Founded in 2010, the Milan-based startup Tanaza developed and brought to market the first and only multi-vendor software for cloud management of Wi-Fi Access Points and social hotspots.


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